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10 Best Rabbit Alternatives

In the era of advanced digital media, Rabbit Tv Plus holds a significant place as it always served its users with the most feasible co-watching experience. The Rabbit was formerly a USB dongle that later on changed its model to the web application.

Being an up-to-date streaming media platform, Rabbit Tv plus was quite popular due to its cross-platform compatibility. If we consider it from a cost perspective, it was highly effective as the platform used to take the most extensive free content collection from variant verified sources and combine it in a single place.

We can say it was a sort of content aggregator that organized the aggregated content in a single interface. But unfortunately, it was then shut down in the mid of 2019 due to the shortage of monetization or funding resources.

However, it is not a thing to worry over because each time a platform shuts down, many more come up offering similar services to serve as the best alternative to the ceased one. Likewise, now the web is full of Rabbit alternatives.

Top Rabbit alternatives

Though there is no end in the list of best alternatives to Rabbit tv, we have filtered out the top 10 alternative choices you can opt for to have a similar streaming experience like Rabbit Tv Plus.

1. Rave


The co-watching experience is always full of fun; what would be more entertaining & exciting than watching your favorite movies & series with your friends, even if they can join you physically. Cheers! All this is possible with the Rave mobile application exclusively designed for shared viewing of content, and it offers all the services like Rabbit Tv Plus.

Like the Rabbit Tv platform, it enables its users to watch their favorite v shows & movies together, regardless of the physical distances. Though it is a paid app, unlike Rabbit, but still is a fantastic Rabbit replacement choice. The good thing is that it offers variant communication channels; either you can establish voice or video calls or send text messages simultaneously while watching the content.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Efficient performance
  • High-quality synchronization  
  • Supports text, audio & video communications


  • Paid app
  • Mobile-supported only

2. Twoseven


Finding out apps like Rabbit Tv with similar services is not a tough job, but finding out enough efficient & reliable platforms can undoubtedly be challenging. Twoseven platform is the one that meets all these criteria. It would be surprising that it is even better than the Rabbit tv platform in terms of performance & speed.

The one unique feature you can find in Twoseven is that it supports live webcam interactions that were not available in Rabbit Tv Plus. It connects its users to the unlimited content range of leading streaming media platforms such as Netflix, Hulu< amazon & many more. The only downside is that it doesn’t support live commentary in videos.


  • Lag-free experience
  • Supports webcam
  • Advance interactions
  • Better performance & speed than Rabbit Tv
  • Free platform


  • Doesn’t support video commentary
  • Requires registration

3. Sharetube


Is the weekend in lockdown? It is the perfect tie to make solitary period your quality time! You may have often used YouTube in streaming your favorite content, but this time you can make this streaming more interesting as Sharetube acts as a virtual room that lets you watch the most engaging content with your friends.

You just need to share the particular URL in the Sharetube room, then Sharetube synchronizes the shared content to enable everyone in the room to watch the same content in real-time. The platform also allows you to interact with others by offering a chat feature.

The thing you would love the most about Sharetube is that it totally offers an ad-free watching experience.


  • Requires no registration
  • Free to use
  • Ad-free watching experience
  • Simple interface
  • Integrated with YouTube
  • High synchronization


  • Doesn’t support mobile view

4. Togethertube


Togethertube is also an app like rabbit tv that supports shared content viewing; its functionalities are closer to the Sharetube platform. Like Sharetube, Togethertube is also integrated with YouTube that enhances its reliability.

It is a pretty popular Rabbit alternative that enables its users to watch the synchronized content from Dailymotion, Soundcloud & YouTube with their friends in real-time. Users can also create private chat rooms in Togethertube, similar to Sharetube.

You can easily access Togethertube anytime from anywhere as it is free to use and doesn’t require any registration process.


  • Integrated with YouTube
  • Requires no registration
  • Free to use
  • Video chatrooms
  • Supports voting feature
  • Supports integrated chats



5. Airtime


Airtime is an excellent choice in the list of best Rabbit alternatives as it offers all of its services like Rabbit tv. You can download the Airtime app on any device to have quality time with your friends & family; here, you can create virtual live rooms where you are allowed to add up to 10 friends concurrently.

Though it enables its users to watch videos & listen to music together, there is a limitation on the platforms it supports; you can only listen to Spotify-supported music. For shared content viewing, it only supports YouTube content.

Moreover, Airtime also enables its users to interact with their friends in a virtual room by offering advance chatting features.


  • Free platform
  • Advance chatting features
  • Offers audio commentary feature
  • Supports chat room feature


  • Mobile-supported only
  • Relatively low performance

6. Syncplay


Syncplay allows you to experience shared media streaming to have quality time with your friends & family living mile away; with Syncplay, you can join a virtual room where you can stream & watch any content from content-enriched sources such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc., with many fellows simultaneously.

It comes with a unique feature of co-playing the downloaded content and works fine as a Rabbit alternative. Though Syncplay doesn’t offer the voice chat option to have discussions in playbacks like Rabbit TV, it collaborates with a third-party application to establish communications.

Another limitation you may encounter with this platform is that, unlike Rabbit TV, it is only compatible with the desktop devices running Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems.


  • Free platform
  • Enables co-playing the downloaded content 


  • Doesn’t support the voice chat feature
  • Desktop-supported only

7. Parsec


Sometimes You may get bored with generic content; in such a case, Parsec would be probably the best choice to kill the free time; it not only serves as a good Rabbit replacement option to offer a co-watching experience, but it also brings the co-playing feature as it was primarily developed for the gaming community.

So, you can enjoy both co-playing & video co-watching experiences with Parsec; you can also interact with other users via commenting feature. The only downside you may encounter in Parsec is that it doesn’t offer playback controls to the extent to which the other Rabbit alternatives do.


  • Supports videos co-watching
  • Supports games co-playing
  • reliable & safe to use


  • Desktop-supported only
  • Inefficient playback controls
  • Requires registration

8. Teleparty 


If you want the best alternative to the Rabbit app with simple- and easy-to-use features, then Teleparty is the best option. Teleparty makes the online streaming experience fast, smooth, and convenient for you, your friends, and your family. 

You can download and install Teleparty as a Google Chrome extension and enjoy endless hours of streaming on popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney Plus. Simply open the extension and share the copied link with your friend and family to start the viewing party. 

We love that Teleparty also supports live chat with customizable Teleparty icons and nicknames. To make the live chat more interesting, you get features such as picture/screenshot sharing, emojis, GIFs, and more. Teleparty lacks a voice and video call feature; we hope the team will offer this feature soon. We also hope that Teleparty supports other streaming services besides those mentioned earlier and offers extensions on other browsers except for Google Chrome.


  • Simple- and easy-to-use
  • Tons of chat features
  • No lags or interruptions while streaming


  • Only supports Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney Plus
  • No voice and video call feature 
  • Exclusive to Google Chrome

9. Scener

If you are searching for one of the best web-based sites that support synced playback, then Scener is an excellent choice. Scener is an all-encompassing tool that is jam-packed with features, including passing the remote around, live chat room, video group chat, and more. We love that Scener supports a vast number of popular streaming services.

Talking about the website interface and the user experience of Scener, be prepared to be impressed as it offers a modern interface with easy-to-use features that significantly adds to the streaming experience. 

Scener only operates as a Google Chrome extension, which is excellent because it’s a breeze to use, but also a significant con as you can’t enjoy Scener on other browsers. Another major con of Scener is that every participant needs a Netflix subscription and access to the primary Netflix account to join Netflix watch parties on Scener.


  • Modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent streaming experience
  • Reliable co-watching video capabilities, like Rabbit
  • Remote passing functionality
  • Supports live chat rooms and group video calls


  • Google Chrome browser extension only
  • Only supports Netflix subscribers with primary Netflix profiles

10. SyncLounge


If you are a Plex user, you will surely enjoy SyncLounge. Unfortunately, you can’t stream on YouTube or other popular streaming platforms. You can create private rooms and invite your friends and family and enjoy flawless synced playback of media on Plex. 

To make the streaming smoother, SyncLounge uses its own servers instead of Plex to pass data to multiple users. You can run Plex on Android TV boxes, Roku set-top boxes, and Apple TVs. It’s disappointing that SyncLounge only supports live chat rooms but doesn’t offer the voice or video co-watching feature. 

Another major con of SyncLounge is the slightly complicated setup process that can take a while before you can enjoy Plex movies and TV shows with your friends and family.


  • Smooth, lag-free synchronized playback
  • Compatible with Android TV boxes, Roku set-top boxes, and Apple TVs
  • Live chat room, similar to Rabb.it


  • No voice or video co-watching support
  • Slightly complex setup process


Doubtlessly, Rabbit Tv Plus being a shared content viewing application, was quite popular on the internet, but due to the lack of supporting resources, it was shut down back in 2019. Since then, a vast number of apps like Rabbit Tv have come up offering similar services.

To ease the process of finding out a reliable & most efficient alternative to Rabbit Tv, we have done extensive research and then filtered out the few most effective options to curate a comprehensive list of best alternatives to the Rabbit Tv Plus platform. Rave, Sharetube, Togethertube, Twoseven, Airtime, Parsec, & Syncplay are wot-mentioned in this regard.

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