How to wirelessly charge your iPhone 7

How to wirelessly charge your iPhone 7

In this digital age, the convenience of wireless technology has permeated our lives in various ways. One of the significant advancements is the ability to wirelessly charge your iPhone 7. This article will guide you through the process, explaining the ins and outs of this innovative feature, and ensuring that you can make the most out of it.

Understanding Wireless Charging

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a method of powering up your device without the need for traditional cables and adapters. It’s a game-changer for iPhone 7 users who want a hassle-free way to keep their device charged.

Is Your iPhone 7 Compatible?

Is Your iPhone 7 Compatible?

Before diving into the world of wireless charging, you need to ensure that your iPhone 7 is compatible with this technology. Not all older iPhone models support wireless charging out of the box. You might need to invest in additional accessories.

Getting the Right Accessories

To wirelessly charge your iPhone 7, you’ll need a few essential accessories:

Wireless Charger

Invest in a high-quality wireless charger that’s compatible with your iPhone 7. There are various options available in the market, so choose one that suits your style and budget.

Protective Case

Consider getting a protective case that’s compatible with wireless charging. It should be thin enough to allow the charger’s signal to reach your phone.

Setting Up Your Wireless Charger

Now that you have the necessary accessories, let’s set up your wireless charger:

Find the Right Location

Choose a convenient location for your wireless charger. It should be within reach and ideally on a stable surface.

Plug in the Charger

Connect the wireless charger to a power source using the provided cable. Make sure it’s plugged in securely.

Place Your iPhone 7

Simply place your iPhone 7 on the wireless charger. Ensure that it’s centered to allow for efficient charging.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Wireless charging is relatively straightforward, but you might encounter some common issues, such as:

Slow Charging

If your iPhone 7 is charging slowly, ensure that you’re using a compatible charger and that it’s plugged into a sufficient power source.


Wireless charging can generate some heat. If your device gets too hot during charging, remove it from the charger and let it cool down.


Keep your charging area free from metal objects or other electronic devices that could interfere with the charging process.

Maximizing Battery Health

To ensure your iPhone 7’s battery remains healthy, consider the following:

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can harm your battery. Avoid leaving your device in direct sunlight or extremely cold conditions while wirelessly charging.

Regularly Update iOS

Keep your iPhone’s operating system up to date to benefit from the latest optimizations and improvements related to wireless charging.


1. Can I wirelessly charge my iPhone 7 with any wireless charger?

Not necessarily. Make sure to choose a wireless charger that is compatible with your iPhone 7 for optimal performance.

2. Does wireless charging affect my iPhone’s battery life?

When used correctly, wireless charging shouldn’t negatively impact your iPhone’s battery life. In fact, it can help prolong its lifespan by reducing wear and tear on charging ports.

3. Can I use my iPhone while it’s wirelessly charging?

Yes, you can still use your iPhone while it’s wirelessly charging. However, keep in mind that it might charge slower if you’re actively using power-intensive apps.

4. Is wireless charging safe for my iPhone 7?

Wireless charging is generally safe for your iPhone 7. Just ensure you use high-quality accessories and follow best practices to avoid overheating or other potential issues.

5. Can I wirelessly charge my iPhone 7 with a thick protective case?

It’s best to use a thin and compatible protective case for wireless charging. Thick or metallic cases can interfere with the charging process.


Wirelessly charging your iPhone 7 is a convenient and cable-free way to keep your device powered up. By following these steps and considering essential tips, you can seamlessly integrate wireless charging into your daily routine.

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