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19 Best Anime Online Streaming Websites

The appreciation for Anime has increased tremendously in recent times; in fact, one could say that watching Anime and being a fan is considered trendy nowadays, which was once considered by many to be lame.

This shift in taste for Japanese Anime and manga means that websites that offer anime streaming services are now more popular than ever.

If you are also a budding anime fan and are looking for the Best Free Anime Streaming Site suggestions, then you have come to the right place. Although a simple search on Google will bring up a long list of countless Anime streaming apps and sites, today’s article brings to you our tried and tested website for streaming anime.

You can watch Anime online on these websites without downloading. We have also included platforms that don’t ask you to register or pay to stream content.

A few years ago, anime lovers did not have many sources to find a wide range of Anime and manga online. Thankfully, this situation has changed, and now there are a large number of websites that are dedicated to offering anime movies, shows, and more, with subtitles and dubbing in different languages, which means people from around the world can enjoy Anime more efficiently than ever before.

19 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2022 For Watching Anime Online

If you are into watching Anime, then the chances are that you are looking for some reliable anime streaming websites that offer user-friendly features and a vast selection of content. The most obvious and talked about sources of Anime online are the premium streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, and others, but these platforms have their disadvantages.

First of all, the choice of Anime available on each platform is pretty limited. Not everyone can afford to pay expensive monthly subscription charges on multiple platforms to expand the range of content. Secondly, all the Anime offered on these places are typically subbed/dubbed, which isn’t something users want all the time.

If you are an avid anime fan who is frustrated with the limited choice of Anime on paid streaming platforms or can’t afford to pay for premium service, you can check out the top free Anime streaming sites suggested in our list today. These websites offer subbed and dubbed Anime, a beginner-friendly experience, and don’t cost you a dime!

What Is The Purpose Of An Anime Streaming Website?

In simple words, anime websites exist to offer users a collection of animated movies, series, and shows, mainly from Japan, which can be watched online or downloaded.

Users are able to browse the platform’s content library to find desired Anime of different genres, including horror, action, drama, kids, and more. Most of these sites have user-friendly features and inbuilt media players; they also allow them to search content by using filters such as release year, season, video quality, and language.

Today, our post focuses on reviewing some of the very best anime streaming services available in 2022. Our picks include premium apps, free online websites, and places where you can watch Anime without the need for downloading. We realize that thousands of free streaming services claim to offer Anime, but not all these websites can be trusted.

It would be best if anime fans steered clear of fake streaming sites that may risk your online security or steal your information. We aim to tell you about the places that are not only reliable but also safe to use, including the ones that offer free services, so you can have a worry-free time while enjoying your favorite content.

Although the places suggested on our list don’t require you to download videos to watch, they do offer a downloading option, so you can enjoy content on the go or when you don’t have access to the internet. These platforms offer fantastic features and have multiple advantages, which is why thousands of people around the world trust them.

Our list will be beneficial for those of you who are new to searching and watching Anime online because it will save you time and effort that you can spend watching your favorite shows instead. We have tried our best to remove the guesswork and trial and error process of finding the best Anime streaming websites and direct our readers to the top sites with unique features. You can check out any website from our list and start watching Anime without hassle.

Best Anime streaming websites

  1. Netflix
  2. KissAnime
  3. Anime-Planet
  4. Anime Land
  5. Chia-Anime
  6. Aniwatcher
  7. Anime Karma
  8. GoGoanime
  9. Animesim
  10. Crunchyroll
  11. Soul-Anime
  12. AnimeXD
  13. 9Anime
  14. Horrible Subs
  15. AnimeDao
  16. Anilinkz
  17. Anime Season
  18. Daisuki
  19. Anime

1. Netflix


Hardcore Anime lovers might not be surprised to see Netflix on the number one spot on our list of the best Anime streaming platforms. Netflix needs no introduction since it’s one of the most popular streaming services globally that offers original anime content, as well as old classics such as Death Note.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese because Netflix has subbed and dubbed versions of the anime titles it offers, and the video quality is exceptional. Netflix also exclusively provides some of the most loved anime shows, such as Kaguta Sama, so you won’t find it anywhere else to watch legally.

Another advantage of watching content on Netflix is that it is available in most countries worldwide. Netflix also has one of the most user-friendly interfaces among streaming services, and the features offered are also exceptional.

Although our list of the best anime streaming services mainly focuses on websites that you can watch videos on for free, we have decided to make an exception for Netflix because it is simply that good.

Remember, Netflix is home to many original Anime and will soon be releasing over ten anime titles in the current year. For any anime lover, this is fantastic news because a subscription to Netflix equals complete entertainment and access to the best anime shows, including Neon Genesis, Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Baki.

2. KissAnime


For all of you who can’t afford to pay for Premium streaming, we suggest KissAnime, one of the leading free Anime websites that features an enormous library of anime content. Including hit shows such as Black Clover, One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia, and many more. The latest series and new episodes are added to the website daily, and a majority of the content is HD quality, including 720p and 1080p.

There is one catch! You will need to sign up for a KissAnime free account before you get access to its library. Thankfully, everything is free and safe. Making an account is simple and easy, so is the user-friendly website interface. Once your account is successfully created, you can enjoy watching Anime as much as you want.

KissAnime is an extremely popular website that streams over 4,000 episodes daily. Every Anime featured on the site comes with a trailer that gives you a sneak peek of what’s to come. The KissAnime website is well organized and easy to browse.

3. Anime-Planet


If you seek a free-to-use website with a vast collection of Anime, then Anime-Planet is the place for you! Anime-Planet is one of the largest free Anime streaming sites online. Its library currently features over 45,000 titles and is constantly expanding as more stuff is added on a daily basis. You also have the fantastic flexibility to select the video quality, and if you have fast-speed internet, watch content in HD quality.

Anime-Planet has been in the anime streaming scene for two decades and was one of the first few platforms catered to the anime-loving niche outside Japan. Even today, Anime-Planet is one the largest and most used websites that offer subbed and dubbed Anime and manga for free.

Despite its age, the Anime-Planet website looks and feels modern and up-to-date, with a well-organized layout and easy-to-find helpful features. Another thing we like about Anime-Planet is the low number of distracting and annoying ads. The watching experience on Anime-Planet is fantastic, but we recommend that you use a VPN to be safe and anonymous when using this website.

4. Anime Land

Anime Land

A website that offers easy anime streaming and downloading, Animeland is an excellent website for watching anime for free, without the need for registering. The content library is massive, and there is an enormous variety of shows and movies of different genres with English dubbing. The video quality is also fantastic as you can switch to HD and FHD quality if you have good internet speeds.

Despite having one of the largest content databases in the industry, Anime Land is well organized, and everything is neatly organized, which makes searching for anime films and series episodes easy and quick. You can, of course, use the convenient search bar if you don’t want to rummage through the library to find what you need.

Downloading content is also extremely straightforward. If you are unable to find the download button, right-click on the video and choose “save it as a link’s option from the menu. The download will start automatically. The only drawback of using Anime Land is the flood of ads you will have to close down before watching a video, so use an ad blocker and a VPN service to keep yourself safe.

5. Chia-Anime


If your trusted anime streaming website is down or unavailable, then Chia-Anime is an excellent alternative because the site is easy to use and very reliable. The best thing about Chia-Anime is how quickly newly released content is uploaded to the website.

It is by far the quickest to feature fresh episodes compared to most other websites. It is essential to mention that Chia-Anime does not compromise the quality of the videos for faster uploads because even the newest additions are in HD video quality.

Suppose you want to watch anime content on the go, without the internet. In that case, we suggest that you use the Chia-Anime video downloading feature to download content in your desired video quality when you have access to the internet and watch the anime later at your leisure.

We like the design of the website. It is simple and easy to navigate, especially for beginners. The process of searching for anime is also a breeze, thanks to the various features and filters. Best of all, there have been no Chia-Anime reports of facing any downtime, so it is one of the most reliable free anime unlimited streaming websites right now. The site enjoys a fantastic reputation and has excellent credibility.

6. Aniwatcher


AniWatcher focuses on delivering an excellent streaming experience in a no-fuss anime site stripped away from the unnecessary fluff and hassle. The team behind Aniwatch is able to provide an enhanced user experience by offering a large variety of anime content of fantastic quality.

As soon as you land on the Animewatcher homepage, you are greeted by a streamlined website design that features a convenient list of the recently added and most popular titles and episodes, along with brief information about each video.

And if you don’t find what you need within those lists, you can browse the library or use the search bar. If you feel adventurous, try your luck by pressing the random anime option.

Due to such a heavy focus on content, the Anime library is regularly updated with new subtitled and dubbed movies, shows, and series episodes. Registering for an account isn’t necessary, and ads are also low.

7. Anime Karma

Anime Karma

Anime Karma has made it to our list of the best anime sites for streaming thanks to the expansive catalog of content and the pleasing, user-friendly interface and one of the most extensive catalogs of Anime content. The platform has many strengths, making it one of the top websites for streaming free anime.

We found that nearly everything we watched on Anime Karma was subtitled or dubbed. Plus, we had the option to watch the video in our preferred quality, including HD. The homepage includes a powerful, quick search tool and a list of new content.

If you want to explore some new anime, check out the library and browse through the different categories to see what catches your attention, and if you are looking for something in particular, look it up using the search bar. You can use various filters to get more accurate results.

Unfortunately, the website has its weaknesses, including too many ads and a single server link for most content, limiting if it does work.

8. GoGoanime


If you are a loyal anime fan, you will surely love the anime range and streaming experience of GoGoanime. With new anime episode updates every day, the website always has tons of options for free online streaming.

Whether you are interested in classic manga or trending anime series and movies, you always find it on GoGoanime in HD and FHD video quality. GoGoanime is specifically famous for uploading the newest episodes of all popular anime series within a short time after the official release.

The simple website interface makes navigation easy, and not only can you easily find your desired anime content, but you will also discover a massive collection of new and exciting anime movies and series.

GoGoanime is a must-visit site for all anime fans because GoGoanime offers one of the best variety of content and an enjoyable online streaming experience.

9. Animesim


If you want the best anime streaming site with one of the largest anime collections, Animesim is an excellent option. The website has tons of anime movies and complete series seasons for free online streaming and downloading.

Animesim has one of the best ranges of anime content from all over the world. The fact that most of the content is dubbed and subbed in multiple languages adds to the worldwide spread popularity of Animesim.

We love the website’s efficiency as it not only has an accurate search bar for easy search, but the interface also has several features and filters that simplify and speed up the anime search process.

All the anime content on Animesim is available in multiple video resolutions, so can you set the correct video resolution for online streaming according to your preference and internet speed. Animesim also allows you to download the content in your preferred video resolution.

The ever-expanding range of anime content is the biggest reason why Animesim has thousands of fans across the globe that regularly stream and download anime for free.

10. Crunchyroll


If you want to find the best anime website for safe anime streaming and downloading, then Crunchyroll is your best bet. Team Crunchyroll does not compromise on the quality of its content and provides a vast range of 100% uncompromised legal content.

Due to its safe anime streaming and 100% legal content, Crunchyroll is the most trusted and recommended anime site of current times. It has the trust of thousands of anime fans across the globe, which is multiplying with time.

Most free, legal anime streaming sites offer a limited range of anime content, but Crunchyroll gives these sites a run with its massive collection of more than 900 series with more than 25 thousand episodes. All the anime content on Crunchyroll is available in HD, FHD, and even 2k video resolution. To top it all, nearly all anime content comes from subtitles and dubbing in popular languages.

If you want the latest, 100% legal anime content, we recommend purchasing the premium Crunchyroll subscription. You can safely and legally enjoy unlimited hours of the latest, popular, and trending anime for nominal subscription charges.

11. Soul-Anim


Soul-Anime has proved its worth during the past 2 to 3 years by regularly uploading complete episodes of popular anime series. Anime fans highly recommend Soul-Anime because of its expansive range of HD and FHD anime content.

Soul-Anime is also famous for having one of the most extensive dubbed and subbed anime content for free streaming and downloading. Anime fans love the quick upload speed of Soul-Anime. If you’re looking for the latest anime content, Soul-Anime is the best free online streaming platform to find it.

The only con of Soul-Anime is the outdated website interface with limited features and filters that sometimes make anime content search, selections, and streaming a hassle. We hope Soul-Anime will improve its website interface and add easy-to-use features to make anime search, selection, streaming, and downloading more efficient.

12. AnimeXD


AnimeXD is highly recommended and trusted because of its outstanding reputation since it has never been through any legal issues or downtime episodes in the past. The website is jam-packed with tons of legal anime content, so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for streaming illegally shared copyrighted anime.

If you are a true anime fan and you love to stay connected with other anime fans, then AnimeXD also provides an excellent platform to stay connected with thousands of other anime lovers from across the globe and enjoy unlimited online streaming with them.

Overall, AnimeXD offers one of the widest ranges of legal anime content, an excellent website interface, a seamless streaming experience, and a fantastic online anime community platform.

13. 9Anime


If you love streaming anime online, you must have heard about 9Anime because it is one of the most recommended and widely talked about anime websites. The biggest reason behind 9Anime’s success is its massive anime collection available for free, unlimited online streaming.

The website is famous for its unique purple color interface that is well-designed and well organized to make your anime search faster and more convenient.

The 9Anime team regularly updates the website with new and exciting anime movies and series, which makes 9Anime the best website for finding unique anime content that isn’t available on other anime sites.

To top that, 9Anime also accepts requests. So, if you don’t find your desired anime on the website, you can request the team, and the team will either share the anime link with you or upload it on the 9Anime website within a few hours or a couple of days at max.

We love that all the content on 9Anime is available in HD, FHD, 2k, and even 4K video quality with subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages. All in all, 9Anime is amongst the best anime streaming sites and surely deserves a spot in our list of best anime streaming websites.

14. Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs has a unique name and a massive fanbase worldwide because of its excellent anime range and streaming experience. The website is an ocean of anime content with hundreds and thousands of latest and all-time favorite anime cartoons.

We love that Horrible Subs has a handy release schedule feature that keeps you updated with the upcoming anime content, so you never miss the latest anime episodes. You cannot only stream anime in various video resolutions on Horrible Subs, but you can also download unlimited anime for free.

The website interface is efficient and straightforward, with tons of features and filters to make the anime content search easier and faster. Wif you love streaming the latest anime, then Horrible Subs is an excellent choice for you.

15. AnimeDao

AnimrDao is another top-rated anime site that deserves a spot on our best anime streaming websites’ list. The website has tons of dubbed anime streaming options that you can stream and download for free without registration or signing up.

The website has a basic interface with ample features to make your anime search and streaming an enjoyable experience. All the anime videos are available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p video quality and various video speeds, so you can select the one that suits your device storage and internet speed.

If you want to amp up your anime streaming experience, AnimeDao also offers discord support, so you can chat with the anime community while enjoying your favorite anime content. All-in-all, AnimeDao is a must-try anime streaming platform for true anime lovers.

16. Anilinkz


Anilinkz has developed a globally spread loyal fanbase by providing a consistent flow of latest, trending, and all-time popular anime content. Anilinkz is recommended for having the best range of anime series with complete seasons and full-length episodes in HD and FHD video quality.

Streaming and downloading anime content from Anilinkz is not only easy, but it is also completely free. Anilinkz is optimized to offer a seamless, high-speed streaming and downloading experience. The website interface is simple and easy to use, so new users can search, select, and stream anime content on Anilinkz without any hassle.

The only con of Anilinkz is the abundance of pop-up, click-on, and on-screen ads that sometimes completely ruins the online anime streaming experience and makes anime search and download a huge challenge.

17. Anime Season

Anime Season

If you love streaming anime online and you want to avoid the consistent ad bombardment, then Anime Season is the best choice for you. The website does not overwhelm you with ads on every move and click, so you can fully enjoy your website browsing and anime streaming experience.

Apart from the fantastic streaming experience, Anime Season has a massive collection of HD and FHD anime movies and series from all over the world. The website has thousands of active users because the website is updated regularly with the latest and trending content.

We love that most of the anime content on Anime Season is available with English subtitles and dubbing. The website is easy-to-use with multiple features that make anime search and streaming fast and easy.

Anime Season is the best anime website for free anime binge watching because of its minimal ad disturbance, easy-to-use website, impressive anime content collection, and most importantly, its seamless streaming experience.

18. Daisuki


Daisuki is another top-class anime streaming website that offers a massive collection of anime movies and series for free online streaming. No matter if you’re looking for the latest, trending, old, or all-time famous anime cartoons, you’ll find a wide selection of all on Daisuki.

We also love the simplicity of the website that allows you to locate, select and stream anime content within a short time. The smart content categorization and accurate search bar lead you to your desired content within a couple of seconds. All the content on Daisuki is available in several video qualities so that you can switch according to your internet speed.

Daisuki is perfect for free online mobile anime streaming because of its Android and iOS compatible website. Although Daisuki offers a similar anime collection and streaming experience as other popular anime streaming services; however, it does not get the recognition it deserves. We hope that Daisuki will soon get the popularity it deserves.

19. Anime


Anime also deserves a spot on our list of best online anime streaming websites. The website is jam-packed with the latest and trending anime content for free online streaming. We love that nearly all the content on Anime is available with English subtitles and dubbing.

If you talk about the free anime collection, Anime gives popular anime streaming sites tough competition. However, the website interface is a bit of a downer. The website seems cluttered, and it becomes a challenge to navigate it.

We wouldn’t recommend Anime to people new to online anime streaming solely because of the complex website interface. If you can navigate the cluttered website, then Anime has a massive anime collection to impress you.

The website also has an abundance of click-on, pop-up, and on-screen ads. We recommend you use a trustable antivirus and ad-blocker while streaming on Anime

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online anime streaming website?

An online anime streaming website offers a collection of anime content, including movies and series from all over the world. You can enjoy free unlimited online streaming and download on anime websites like KissAnime, GoGoanime, and 9Anime. For a safer online streaming experience, try paid online anime streaming sites like Netflix or Crunchyroll.

Why are anime becoming so popular?

Anime movies and series are rapidly becoming famous worldwide With millions of anime fans globally; it wouldn’t be unfair to say that anime is one of the top most popular forms of online entertainment. The main primary reason behind its widespread popularity is the incredible storylines, well-thought-out characters, and awestruck visuals.

What are the top features of the best anime websites?

Following are the top features of online anime streaming websites:

  • Regularly updated anime content library with a wide selection of classic, latest, trending, and all-time popular anime content.
  • Minimal to zero ad disturbance.
  • Well-designed website interface with well-organized categories and features, filters, and a search bar for easy content access.
  • Multiple video resolutions and video streaming speeds.
  • Videos should have subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages, especially English.

Are online anime streaming websites PC and mobile compatible?

All of the popular anime streaming websites are fully PC- and mobile-friendly. You can easily stream anime on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet/iPad, and smartphones/iPhones.

Is free online anime streaming safe and legal?

No, streaming anime movies and series online for free is illegal. Most of the free anime streaming websites illegally share copyrighted anime content. We discourage the usage of such websites and recommend you only trust anime streaming sites with a paid subscription and a good reputation.

Is it necessary to use a VPN service while streaming anime online?

Free anime streaming websites come with malware threats. We highly recommend protecting your device and data by using a reputable VPN service while streaming and downloading anime from free anime websites. We also recommend using reliable antivirus and ad-blocker software for additional security and peace of mind.


These were Techlectual’s 19 best anime streaming websites. We hope that you will find a selection of anime streaming sites with the help of this list and will enjoy free online anime streaming and downloading.

Please remember to use a reliable VPN, ad-blocker, and antivirus software while streaming and downloading from our free anime streaming websites.

Have we missed your favorite anime streaming website? Please share it with us in the comments below; we would love to know which anime streaming sites are your favorite and why?

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